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Central Carolina Hospital
1135 Carthage St
Sanford, NC 27330
Phone: 919.774.2100
Fax: 919.774.2295

Centralized Scheduling: 919.774.2157 or Fax: 919.774.2276

Medical Records Release of Information Fax: 229.516.8637

Phone Directory

Main switchboard:

Physician Referral:


Cardiac Rehabilitation:
Telephone: 919.774.2384 
Fax:  919.774.2397

Billing Office: Accounts with date of service prior to 5/1/18 :

Billing Office: Accounts with date of service 5/1/18 and later :

Human Resources JOBLINE:

Physical Therapy:
Telephone: 919.774.2255 / Fax: 919.774.2397

Wound Care Center:
Telephone: 919.774.2220 / Fax: 919.774.2177

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