Sleep Center

Choosing a sleep center: Why choose CCH?

The Sleep Disorders Center at Central Carolina Hospital has been granted full Accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

What does Accreditation by the AASM mean to me and my patients?

At an Accredited Sleep Center, the AASM sets a strict Standards of Practice:

  • A clean, comfortable sleep testing environment that maintains patient dignity and safety.
  • Strict standards of practice ensure high quality patient care.
  • Accredited Centers must have a Diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine on staff to oversee all aspects of the sleep program and review studies.
  • A Quality Assurance plan must be maintained for all aspects of the sleep program.
  • An Accredited Center staff must earn a high level of continuing education units each year, ensuring that they stay current with the very latest technology and information in sleep medicine.
  • Accredited Centers undergo regular review by the AASM and must prove they adhere to the continually revised and updated Standards of Practice.

What can the Sleep Disorders Center at CCH offer to me and my patients?

We offer complete evaluation and treatment of all types of sleep problems:

  • Daytime studies for 3rd shift workers which means little or no wait time.
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT) for hypersomnolence and narcolepsy.
  • Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing (MWT) for DOT exam.
  • Appointments available within 1-2 weeks of referral.
  • Turn-around time within 48-72 hours of testing.

To schedule a study, please call Central Carolina Hospital’s Sleep Center at



The Sleep Disorders Center at Central Carolina Hospital is a fully Accredited Sleep Center by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has recognized over 80 sleep disorders.  Some of these, such as Restless Leg Syndrome, simply require a consultation with a sleep specialist to diagnose and treat.  Others, however, require the patient to stay overnight at a sleep center to effectively diagnose and optimize treatment.  The Sleep Disorders Center at Central Carolina Hospital (CCH) provides a full range of services to diagnose and treat most sleep disorders.  Some of the most common disorders seen by our center include: Sleep apnea (Obstructive and Central), hypersomnolence, primary snoring, parasomnias, narcolepsy, circadian rhythm disorders, and sleep behavioral disorders.  At CCH, we recognize that each patient is different, with a sleep disorder shaped by an individual set of factors, and our sleep specialist tailors the treatment recommendations for that patient to meet their special needs.

 Our sleep center is also prepared to diagnose and treat pediatric and adolescent sleep problems, including insomnia, bed-wetting issues, sleep walking/talking, night terrors, and nightmares.  The physiological and psychological needs particular to childhood and adolescence are given thorough and expert attention by our staff.

 The Sleep Disorders Center at CCH offer’s a “home-like” atmosphere to aid in patient comfort and sense of security during testing.  Our center offers the following:

  • 2 patient testing bedrooms with queen-size bed and private bathroom and shower facilities (adjustable bed available upon request)
  • Flat-screen TV and DVD player in each room
  • Adjustable thermostat in each room for patient comfort
  • Pediatric testing (3yr and up) in a private room designed to accommodate the patient and parent/guardian staying with the child
  • Strong focus on patient education about sleep disorders.  Strong emphasis on improving CPAP compliance in sleep apnea patients.

The Sleep Disorders Center at CCH is committed to providing high quality service for both physicians and patients.  Each study is scored by a Registered Polysomnography Technologist and interpreted by a board certified sleep specialist.  Study results are typically available within 48-72 hours post-testing.  Studies are performed seven nights at week, with daytime studies available for third-shift workers.  We welcome referrals from all physicians.  CCH accepts most major insurances.  To schedule a study, please call us at 919-774-2391.