Volunteer Services


Volunteering is truly a gift from the heart.  It takes a special person to be a volunteer, and we’re glad that you’ve chosen to share your time and talents with the patients, families and staff of Central Carolina Hospital.  The time you spend here as a volunteer benefits the entire community.  As a volunteer, your role is one of an ambassador, a liaison to the patients and their families and an educator of the public.  There’s a deep feeling of personal fulfillment in being a volunteer, for in helping others, we often help ourselves.

Central Carolina Hospital and its patients have been fortunate to have strong volunteer support through the Central Carolina HospitalAuxiliary since its inception in 1965. Our purpose has always been to provide caring service to our patients, their families, visitors and hospital staff.  Volunteers are a vital element of the team to provide quality healthcare, and they also provide that special touch to our patients and visitors.

The Volunteer Services Department will work with you so that your service to the community through volunteering at Central Carolina Hospital is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Contact Volunteer Services

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Amanda Sloan at 919.774.2105 or email Amanda.Sloan@LPNT.net. 

How do Volunteers help Central Carolina Hospital patients, families, staff and Lee County?

  • Award Florence B. Harris Scholarships to Lee County students to help them pursue their goal of a career in a medical field.
  • As an outreach to our patients in need, we provide pharmacy and personal items
  • Donate knitted baby caps and when available a baby blanket to each newborn.
  • Donate hand-made clowns and toys for our pediatric patients
  • Supply personal items to families that must stay overnight in the ICU waiting room as requested
  • Providing children in the waiting areas with items to play with
  • Donate hand-made Prayer Shawls for some of our patients or families that are going through a particularly agonizing time
  • Provide emotional and spiritual care through trained Pastoral Care Volunteers

How can you help?

Volunteers are needed to assist in the following areas:

  • Serving as a liaison between patients, family and staff in ER, ICU, and surgical departments
  • Pastoral Care Volunteers (extra training is required for this area)
  • Welcome areas, directing and escorting patients to treatment areas and visitors to patient rooms
  • Handy Helpers assists nursing staff on patient floors with non-clinical needs, such as helping to respond to call bells, transporting to other areas in the hospital, providing beverages, writing letters, reading to them, visiting, etc.
  • Gift Shop sales, serving customers at the Gift Shop
  • Delivery of daily menus and assist patients with selection of meals
  • OB, assist staff as needed
  • Outpatient surgery by assisting staff with assembling of charts, restocking
  • Pharmacy, delivery of medication orders, clerical, processing shipments
  • Clerical duties and assisting in medical records
  • Physical Therapy/Cardiac Rehab, setting up needed equipment, keeping area clean, restocking needed items

Virtual Volunteers:

There are many opportunities to help patients, families and the community of Central Carolina Hospital.  Many groups and individuals are not able to give a consistent weekly time commitment for in-house volunteering, but have the desire to give.  Listed below are outreach opportunities that bring assistance and comfort to our patients.

  • “Hospital Hugs” items ~ Donate new children’s books, sticker books, hand-held toys, new small stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons, anything to help occupy a pediatric in-patient child.
  • Hand-made toys or gift items for children scheduled for surgery.
  • Items for care packages for families of ICU patients.  Sometimes these families spend the night in the ICU waiting room and it is nice to have these supplies on hand to give them (i.e., toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb, nail file, and personal towelettes).
  • Knit, crochet or sew at home!! We supply all of our newborns with baby caps and when available baby blankets.
  • When needed, volunteers supply hand-sewn infant burial gowns.
  • A wonderful ministry for church groups or individuals to get involved in is to knit or crochet prayer shawls.  These shawls are given for comfort to some of our patients/family members who are going through an especially physically or emotionally trying time. 
  • Donate magazines (no older than 6 months), books, videos, CDs and DVDs for both adults and children.  We will also accept gently used Game Boys and games to go with them.
  • Collect items, such as pajamas, robes, packages of men’s t-shirts and underwear, Ensure, throws, etc., to send home with some of our needy elderly patients.
  • Anything baby! Donate new items such as diapers, bottles, wipes, pacifiers, etc.  Sadly, there are babies born without the benefit of these needed items.

These are a few of the needs that some of our patients face.  Many of these are ongoing needs and some occur when our social workers identify a patient who is not self-sufficient at discharge.  There is a continuous need in our community for outreach.

Lights of Love

Lights of Love is a way for you to express your appreciation for those you love and cherish. In this season of giving, we invite you to participate by sponsoring a light to be placed on the Lights of Love tree at the Get Away Garden at the hospital. Click the links below for the LOL brochures and donation form.



Special Projects

Central Carolina Hospital Auxiliary Introduces a Get-Away Garden

Almost every day hospital volunteers see patients, families, visitors, and staff at the hospital that could use a short break or get-away time from the sometimes stressful environment within the hospital just to relax and revitalize. After several months of looking for ways to help out patients, visitors and others in our hospital, our Central Carolina Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary Organization decided that a gazebo surrounded by a get-away garden would provide an ideal place for an outside break.

The gazebo was erected in May of 2006, we are hoping for more outdoor equipment, additional landscaping, engraved bricks for the gazebo path and a suitable play area for children to complete the setting.

If you would like to learn more or to help the Central Carolina Hospital Auxiliary contact the Director of Volunteer Services.