Care Coordination

The Care Coordination Department of Central Carolina Hospital is made up of registered nurses, social workers and support staff – all of whom are dedicated to helping to ensure each patient’s stay and discharge from the hospital are as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Admission and Concurrent Patient Reviews

During your hospitalization your information is reviewed by staff to determine if you have any care needs at the time of discharge.

The goal is the safe and prompt recovery of the patient. By establishing what type of home environment, support system and/or available resources a patient will have upon their return home, the care coordinator can help determine whether additional assistance may be needed.

If necessary, department members are available to help patients locate community resources, nursing home placement, and/or financial assistance. Dependent upon the patient’s needs, referrals for nutritional counseling, adult day care services, home health care, social services, medical equipment rentals, etc. can be made.

Multi-Disciplinary Discharge Planning

The Care Coordination Department takes a multi-disciplinary approach to discharge planning. They meet regularly with physicians and other care providers to review the patient’s chart, discuss his or her care and prepare for their discharge. In addition medical assessments are completed as well to help ensure the payor will receive accurate bills and that insurance companies will receive all the necessary information for prompt coverage (if applicable).

For more information about the services provided through Central Carolina Hospital’s Care Coordination Department, please call 919-774-2267.