Testimonial: Jerry's Story

Jerry Nance, now 68, was diagnosed with diabetes when he was only 42 years old. Ever since his diagnosis, his wife, Judith, has kept a close watch on his feet.

As a customer service representative for a home healthcare organization, Judith knows that diabetics have an increased chance of developing foot sores, or diabetic ulcers.

She was the one, not Jerry, who discovered what looked like an infection on his right foot.

His diabetes had damaged the nerves and blood vessels in his feet, causing numbness and reduced feeling. As a result, Jerry didn’t realize he had injured his foot when he bumped into his wife’s quilt rack at the end of the bed.

“Being diabetic, I didn’t really feel it, but then all of a sudden, it looked bad,” Jerry says.

Judith immediately contacted her primary care physician who referred them to Dr. Michael Gordon, medical director of the Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center at Central Carolina Hospital.

The recent opening of the center brought the community advanced treatment and protocols to treat chronic wounds, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure therapies, bioengineered tissues and biosynthetics. 

Dr. Gordon confirmed that Jerry had an infected diabetic ulcer and admitted him to the hospital for five days of intravenous antibiotic therapy. A surgeon at the hospital told Jerry that if his ulcer didn’t heal with antibiotics and wound care therapy, they would have to discuss amputation. Fortunately, the thought of amputation didn’t last long because after only a few days of treatment at the Wound Care Center, Jerry was doing much better.

Then, on his last day in the hospital, his wife, Judith, happened to trip and fall at home, cutting her leg. She was brought to Central Carolina Hospital, where she received 27 stitches. Although Judith was being treated at the same hospital as her husband, Jerry didn’t find out what had happened until the next day when his son told him.

“They didn’t want me to worry,” Jerry says.

After husband and wife were discharged from the hospital, they were both continually treated by Dr. Gordon at Central Carolina Hospital’s Wound Care Center. They visited him once a week for several weeks so he could check on their wounds and make sure they were healing properly. Jerry wore an “offset shoe” to take pressure off the front of his foot where the wound was located until it was fully healed.

“I’m very happy that there is a wound clinic in Sanford that is easily accessible – and one that does such a great job,” Judith says.

During Jerry’s final visit to the Wound Care Center, he rang the “Healed Bell” three times to signify a full recovery. The staff also took his photo to hang on the “Healing Tree” in the center’s lobby.

“You can’t even tell where the problem was,” Jerry says. “It’s like it was never there.”

Judith’s wound isn’t completely healed yet, but she knows her photo will soon be hanging on the tree alongside her husband’s.

Thanks to Dr. Gordon and the medical staff at Central Carolina Hospital’s Wound Care Center, the couple is doing fantastic and just recently celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary.