Visiting Hours 


  • Medical/Surgical Patients-12:30 pm-8:30 pm
    Members of the surgical patient's family may visit the patient early on the day of surgery. Family and friends of patients undergoing surgery are asked to remain in the surgical waiting area. Only two people may visit at one time.

  • Maternity Patients-12:30 pm-8:30 pm
    Visiting hours for the father or supportive family member are unrestricted.

  • ICU Patients- Open Visiting Hours
    Only family members and clergy are allowed to visit patients in the Intensive Care Unit, two people at a time for 10 minutes. Depending on the circumstances you may be asked to wait in the adjacent waiting room.

  • Children
    Parents of children who are patients are encouraged to stay with their children as much as possible during their hospital stay. Maternity and Oncology patients may have children of all ages to visit. In general, it is preferred that only children 12 years of age and older visit all other patients.